Faculty Friday: Human & AI Collaboration

Casper Harteveld


How should humans and computers work together to create video games? Watch Northeastern University Associate Professor of Game Design and EAI faculty member Casper Harteveld share his learnings and vision for how ethical human-AI collaboration can positively impact multiple industries.



Dr. Casper Harteveld is an associate professor of game design at Northeastern University, has affiliated appointments in Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, and with the School of Law, and works closely with faculty in Marine Science and Public Policy. His research focuses on using games to study and improve decision-making, and through these efforts both to advance our knowledge and to engage a broad cross-section of people globally about societal issues. He applies games especially in areas where it is challenging to study and educate in natural environments and collects detailed and expansive behavioral data in a controlled manner.

Working across disciplines, Dr. Harteveld has designed and evaluated games on flooding, urban heat islands, debris collection, and pro se litigants. He is a strong proponent of integrating research and education and a significant portion of his work is devoted to translating research outcomes to the classroom or informal settings, in order to make sure that the next generation is ready to deal with the societal challenges of the 21st Century.

For his work, Dr. Harteveld was awarded the Young Talent Prize of Information Systems, Special Prize for best dissertation in simulation & gaming, five National Science Foundation awards, and DARPAäó»s Young Faculty Award. He is also a National Science Foundation Fellow of the Next Generation of Hazards & Disasters Researchers program.