Foodome Project: Tackling the Complexity of Food Systems

Giulia Menicchetti


Dr. Menichetti is a Principal Investigator and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and an affiliated faculty member at the Network Science Institute (Northeastern University). She is a statistical/computational physicist by training, and during her Ph.D. she specialized in Network Science. She currently leads the Foodome project, which aims to track the full chemical complexity of the food we consume and develop quantitative tools to unveil, at the mechanistic level, the impact of these chemicals on our health. More recently, for her work on reproducible food quality metrics and informed decision-making, she was selected by the Rockefeller Foundation and Acumen Academy for the inaugural cohort of the Food Systems Fellowship, a 1-year program supporting 20 world leaders acting on the complexity of food systems.

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