I'm excited to design and implement computer systems that process and learn from data at scale; and integrate them into applications and research at EAI.

– Alexandros Koliousis, Affiliate Faculty, Core Faculty, EAI

Alexandros Koliousis is an associate professor of computer science at the New College of the Humanities at Northeastern. His current research interests lie at the intersection of scalable data systems and deep learning.

Koliousis has worked on the design and implementation of high-performance data-parallel multi-GPU processing systems in the areas of deep learning and data stream processing. He has also researched topics including efficient natural language processing in hardware, complex event processing for home network management, and routing systems for wireless sensor networks.

Before joining Northeastern’s London affiliate, Koliousis held an industry research position at the semiconductor company Graphcore and academic positions at the Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow. He earned his doctoral degree in computing science and his Master of Science in advanced computing science from the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow.