As DJ Patil puts it, the way to advance technology is to “move purposefully and fix things.” Through careful and collaborative design, we at the Institute for Experiential AI will help make progress on realizing the promise of AI

– Ben Batorsky, Senior Data Scientist, EAI

Ben Batorsky is a senior data scientist. He builds data science capacity and manages natural language processing (NLP) technology projects and applications for government, academia, and the private sector. At the marketing company ThriveHive, that involved designing a customer segmentation pipeline for sales targeting and tailoring the customer experience. At MIT, he helped design a production-grade research database based on large, free-text corpora of food safety data.  

Ben has also worked with Veterans Affairs researchers to analyze the usefulness of a short-form assessment for post-traumatic stress disorder. While at Ciox Health, he helped support cutting-edge entity recognition and linking models for structuring raw medical record text and designed an executive summary product that grouped medical entities into clinically relevant categories. 

He has spoken at several data science conferences, including Open Data Science Conference and PyData; has taught a course on NLP at Harvard; and has helped organize the Boston chapter of PyData. He also worked on several data science volunteer initiatives to support data science applications for the public good. 

Ben earned the Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and his doctoral degree in policy analysis from the Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate School.