Some people still equate AI with the scary thing from science fiction movies. EAI's cutting edge research will not only confirm its value, but also be instrumental in creating a new level of understanding.

– David Bolton, Senior Writer and Content Creator, EAI

David Bolton is a Senior Writer and Content Creator at the Institute of Experential AI. A published tech writer for over 12 years, the majority of his written work has related to the ongoing evolution of technology and digital experience. His career has seen him deliver a wide variety of digital content assets, covering topics such as digital transformation, digital engineering, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced data analytics, virtual or mixed reality, cloud platforms, digital supply chain and logistics, and industrial robotics,

David’s mantra is that all content must have a purpose, with a focus on simplifying high-level concepts and meeting B2B/B2C business optimization strategies. For that reason alone, he considers himself to be a “brand journalist” but he always strives to write copy that is both accessible to the average end reader and detailed enough to answer all the right questions. A dedicated consumer of all forms of digital media, David has literally hundreds of thousands of words under his belt, albeit that he is always looking for ways to improve and tweak his craft.

As part of his previous content creation roles in corporate marketing departments at companies such as Applause, ETQ, Infostretch/Apexon, and Analog Devices, David has also been an in-house ghost writer for CEOs, CTOs and acknowledged internal thought leaders. This work has been published on a number of digital portals, including but not limited to Forbes Technology Council, CIO Insights, TechTarget, Bostinno and other industry-specific outlets.

Originally from England, he has been an East Coast resident since 2009, although he did managed to escape to San Francisco for a year. A graduate of Webster University’s London campus, he has a BA in Media Communications with a minor in Political Science.