The human-in-the-loop approach to AI will bring quality and trust.

– James Shanahan, Director of AI Solutions Hub, EAI

James (Jimi) Shanahan is director of the AI Solutions Hub at the Institute of Experiential AI (EAI). Jimi is a seasoned AI and machine learning expert and entrepreneurial leader with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He has worked on the front lines in Silicon Valley for Fortune 500 companies, including Xerox, AT&T, Adobe, and Target, for the past 25 years. This work has resulted in products and services used by billions of people worldwide, generating billions of dollars of revenue annually. In parallel, he taught at UC Berkeley, where he was a founding faculty member of the Masters in Data Science (MIDS) program.

Jimi developed and deployed cloud and edge-based applications using deep learning and generative AI models for NLP and computer vision in a range of areas, such as personalization (web, local, social), operations (supply chain forecasting, security, and anomaly detection), and monetization (insurance, digital advertising, and retail).

He has published over 50 research papers, authored eight books, and holds 25 patents. He has also organized workshops and conferences in the field of AI, including NuerIPS, ACM KDD, WebConf, SIGIR, AAAI, ICWSM, and CIKM. Jimi holds a doctorate in machine learning and computer vision and began his career as a dairy farmer in Ireland. Outside of work, Jimi is a keen tennis player, golfer, sailor, and kiteboarder.