Technology is not inherently good or bad. It's up to us to define the kind of equity we prioritize in the design and implementation of AI systems.

– Joe Fitzgerald, Project Manager, Marketing & Analytics, EAI

Joe Fitzgerald is a marketing and analytics project manager at EAI. As a data scientist, he offers strategic and technical assistance to help establish the Institute as a global leader in AI research and applications. Joe is humbled by the dedication and expertise of his colleagues and driven by the belief that ethical and responsible technology can benefit academia, industry, and society.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in human rights from Bard College, and he completed the Data Science Immersive program at General Assembly in Boston. His capstone project combined fragmented datasets to establish a novel method for imputing housing data, ultimately enabling stronger protections for affordable housing.

Before joining EAI, Joe conducted global research on data science talent and moderated conference workshops for the Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards. He also performed data analysis and research at the Institute for Policy Studies to track extreme wealth concentration and inequality. His passions include cooking, walking, and playing guitar.