I'm excited to leverage the power of AI and genomics to better manage species under climate change.

– Katie Lotterhos, Affiliate Faculty, EAI

Katie Lotterhos is an associate professor at the Marine Science Center for the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences. Her research focuses on eco-evolutionary genomics, molecular and evolutionary ecology, and population genetics.

Lotterhos is working to understand how climate has shaped marine biodiversity and how rapid climate changes will affect biodiversity in the future. Using a combination of field surveys, experiments, mathematical modeling, genomics, and bioinformatics, she explores central problems in marine systems, such as the influence of climate on dispersal, recruitment, and local adaptation. She also looks at broader problems in molecular ecology like the inference of loci under selection from genome scans.

Lotterhos earned her doctoral degree in biology from Florida State University and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Binghamton University.