AI algorithms can be used to develop new scripts or to construct film synopses and characters. AI will aid content creators in customizing their requirements and creating individuals.

– Lingfei Luan, Affiliate Faculty, EAI

Lingfei Luan is a postdoctoral research fellow and cognitive and consulting psychologist. Her work with Sarah Ostadabbas, fellow EAI member and assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, sets out to understand infant face and postures. Together, they’re exploring visual features and content applications in the arena of tiny data, where data collection and labeling are costly, time-consuming, and subject to severe privacy or classification rules. 

Luan’s body of research centers around film research and practice, media and communication, and experimental research in psychology. Her overarching goal is to provide content makers and companies with scientific feedback by identifying the factors that impact a viewer’s interpretation and preference. She has over seven years of experience specializing in content analysis, visual feature extraction, and database management, with expertise extending to psychological experiment design and data analytics using statistical software.