I have followed the ongoing work at EAI for some time, and I am excited by these cutting-edge advancements in AI. There is a real opportunity for AI to address real human needs in a way that bolsters economies, and makes a transformative impact on core regional industries and services. EAI is uniquely positioned to both develop new AI use cases, drive innovation, and creatively meet existing needs in sectors that are not traditionally early tech adopters.

– Madeline Nelson, Senior Project Manager, Strategic Projects, EAI

Madeline Nelson is the senior project manager for Strategic Projects with the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University. A seasoned AI strategist who has  extensive experience in driving business transformations through advanced machine learning models and analytics, Nelson comes to EAI with a proven track record of delivering tailored solutions for clients. 

Prior to joining the institute, Nelson was a product and client engagement manager in Accenture’s Applied Intelligence Strategy division. During her time at Accenture AI, she led numerous cross-functional teams, designing and implementing analytics product strategies to solve complex business problems. Nelson is focused on developing partnerships through trust and authenticity, consistently delivering high-quality results across industries such as retail, media/streaming, travel, and telecom.

Nelson is confident that she can bring her talent for building exceptional client relationships and promoting business development to EAI. Her goal is to help the institute not only reach potential clients and partners but also develop business optimization strategies that establish it as a powerful force for regional innovation and social good.

Nelson holds a BA in Computer Science and Economics from Wesleyan University. In addition, she is an Accenture-certified Data Architect, an AWS Solutions Architect and was issued a Green Certified Professional license by Google in February 2023. She is passionate about continuing education, and often challenges herself to learn new languages, tools, and technical skills. Outside of her work life, Nelson enjoys spending time outdoors and is a volunteer at organizations that focus on social justice and mental health advocacy.