EAI brings together a world-class team of researchers who are advancing the applications of AI technology while keeping ethical considerations at the heart of what they do.

– Olivia Saucier, Program Manager, EAI

Olivia Saucier is a program manager at the Institute for Experiential AI (EAI). As a certified Project Management Professional with ten years of experience overseeing technical projects for a wide range of clients, she is excited to support the institute’s partners and stakeholders as they integrate AI and machine learning technology into their workflow.  

Olivia previously worked at ICF, a research and consulting firm, where she served as a project manager and business development specialist working on quantitative and qualitative research projects for government agencies.   

In her current role, she utilizes project management best practices to scope projects according to client needs and liaises between clients and EAI’s technical team. She also supports business development efforts and broader programmatic initiatives across the institute.  

Olivia lives in Portland with her husband, two young children, dog, and cat. In her free time, she enjoys drinking tea, gardening, sewing, and listening to audiobooks.