Envisioning a world where AI is used to elevate the human experience, leveraging technology to eradicate inequities our society is presently allowing.

– Sabrina Sidl, Director, Strategy & Partnerships, EAI

As director, strategy & partnerships at the Institute for Experiential AI, Sabrina supports the leadership team in its mission to create the leading research and education hub focused on responsible, human-centric artificial intelligence. Her focus is directed toward operations, human capital, strategy, and developing industry partnerships. She brings over 20 years of experience in working with prominent CEOs and senior leadership teams across multiple industry sectors. She has a deep passion for how technology impacts society and human behavior and is acutely adept at recognizing industry trends. 

Sabrina founded C-Gate Consulting Group in 2014 and provides management consulting services and executive coaching to CEOs, senior leaders, and board directors in technology, financial services, real estate, and prominent family offices. Her expertise spans human capital management, innovation, behavioral science, growth, and business development. 

Sabrina also serves as a board advisor at Paragon Fund Services. The boutique fund advisory firm works with asset management and private equity firms, portfolio companies, family offices, and broker-dealers to build, maintain, and support a solid infrastructure aligned with industry best practices. She also holds a board advisor role at Product Vessel: a company that invests in growth-stage eCommerce brands by deploying capital and experts for online development, marketing, and paid advertising to achieve scale in exchange for revenue share and performance-driven equity.  

In prior positions, Sabrina worked closely with senior leaders in real estate development and financial institutions such as Bridgewater Associates and Renaissance Technologies. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Psychology and had a global career working in officer positions in the maritime industry. Most recently, Sabrina completed executive education programs at the MIT Sloan School of Management titled Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications for Business Strategy and Neuroscience for Leadership. In addition, she completed a program on cryptocurrency investment, blockchain technology, and disruption at the London School of Economics and Political Science.