By fostering collaborations between biologists and statisticians, the EAI is well positioned to promote our understanding of how organisms interact with their environment in an era of global change.

– Tarik Gouhier, Affiliate Faculty, EAI

Tarik Gouhier is an associate professor of marine and environmental sciences in the Marine Science Center and an affiliated faculty member in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering within the College of Engineering.

Within the field of population biology, he uses mathematical models to determine how processes operating at different scales and levels within an organization interact to shape the spatiotemporal distribution of organisms. His research goals involve identifying the processes that govern the dynamics of populations to predict and mitigate their susceptibility to environmental change.

Gouhier has had his work funded by the National Science Foundation and published in peer peer-reviewed journals including, the Journal of Animal Ecology, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Ecology, Scientific Reports, and others. He completed his postdoctoral research at Oregon State University after earning his doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees in biology from McGill University.