About Us

What is the Institute for Experiential AI?

We are a research institute focused on solving real world challenges, advancing research in human-centric AI and developing solutions that extend human intelligence. 

What do we do?

We partner with companies to tackle high-impact challenges together in real environments, even with imperfect data. We harness the insights gained from solving these problems to drive research priorities for our esteemed faculty and research teams. We also leverage the learnings to create practical, experiential education opportunities for students, teams, and executives to empower the workforce of the future.

What is Experiential AI?

Simply: AI with a human in the loop. The whole idea is to make machines work with humans in order to assist machine intelligence and to use machine intelligence to extend human intelligence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the top research institute in Experiential AI, leading the field of human-assisted, responsibly-developed AI that advances the science by solving high impact real-world challenges. Human intervention is a must - not a stop-gap measure - it is an effective means to capture knowledge and experience. High-impact challenges require us to address more than just science:

The solutions must work and the AI must be applied responsibly

Trustworthiness and responsibility are fundamental pillars

Experiential learning for our students and lifelong learners is a unique opportunity

Our Mission

Our mission is to seek Responsible AI solutions for high-impact challenges to drive new research and experiential learning.

We aim to develop research and learning programs that leverage human-in-the-loop and Responsible AI to address real-world challenges. We leverage the solutioning activities to:

Develop a research agenda rooted in real-world, high-impact challenges

Build tools and techniques for optimizing data capture on context, events, and outcomes as human intervention happens

Create educational experiences for students and lifelong learners

Define the science of Experiential AI