Real-world solutions fueled by data

Great technical and theoretical challenges arise when we deploy AI to create solutions in the real world.

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Responsible AI

AI is most reliable and effective when humans provide ongoing feedback to guide algorithms

Human-centric artificial intelligence

What do we mean by Experiential AI?

AI applied to real problems in real contexts using a human-centric approach to fuse what algorithms do well with what human intelligence does best.

Hundreds of Business Leaders and AI Experts Convened for our Leading with AI, Responsibly Business Conference

Renowned leaders from Google, Intuit, McDonald's, T-Mobile, Verizon and more shared stories on using AI to transform business at our Oct. 18, 2023 Leading with AI, Responsibly conference.

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The Institute for Experiential AI applies technology to create working solutions for industry, academia, and society. We believe human-centric models, fueled by data, can turn challenging problems into field-changing discoveries. Let's AI together.

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