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We leverage the know-how of a university to solve your data problems, drawing from top experts in the field of AI to develop cutting-edge solutions to all kinds of challenges.

A Team of Experts Delivering Data-Driven, Responsible AI Solutions

We partner with organizations to solve pressing data problems and harness AI to deliver business value. Our team of leading data scientists, AI researchers, practitioners, and Northeastern University faculty members apply the latest methods and techniques to tackle challenges at the pace of innovation.

How We Help Partners

Partnering with us connects you with an ecosystem of thousands of Northeastern University faculty members, an elite Co-op program, and our leading researchers, data scientists, and AI experts. Whether your project is research or development focused, our partnerships are fully customizable to meet your AI and data needs.

AI and Data Solutions

Our team of data and AI professionals work with partners to deliver solutions to pressing problems in real contexts.


Generative AI


Predictive AI


Natural Language Processing


Large Language Models


Custom Data Opportunity Roadmaps


Experiential AI Upskilling


Digital Transformation Strategies

Focus Verticals

Our solutions leverage world-renowned Northeastern University faculty and researchers, providing specialized research for all industries.


Health and Healthcare


Life Sciences


Climate and Sustainability


Finance and Insurance






And More

Responsible AI

Our team collaborates with our Responsible AI practice integrating technical, ethical, and regulatory RAI experts across projects.


RAI Maturity Assessment and Action Plan


AI Ethics Impact and Risk Asssessment


RAI Governance and Strategies


RAI Technical Audit

Learn More About the AI Solutions Hub

The AI Solutions Hub is a full-time solutions delivery team made up of professional data scientists, data engineers, and product managers. They work alongside researchers and faculty, mentoring students and employees alike to drive differentiated results. Our deep bench of expertise allows us to solve urgent business problems in a way consistent with the experiential learning model of Northeastern University.

Our mission is to discover and solve important problems, create Responsible AI solutions, train the next generation of AI leaders, and generate business value. Our vision is to become the global go-to group for Responsible AI solutions.

“An incredible partner by seeking to understand what our needs are, then building an innovative solution that advances our approach to personal customer care and frictionless service. Their partnership has enabled us to execute our goal of deepening customer relationships through AI practices.”

Bob Montgomery-Rice,

President and CEO of Bangor Savings Bank

Case Studies

Bangor Savings Bank

After the bank launched a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application across all 68 branches, the Institute helped them equip...

Download Case Study

FullscopeRMS Insurance

The Institute provided the insurance company with a data roadmap, a value-driven solution, and workforce education to enhance their...

Download Case Study

International High-Tech Manufacturer

Institute experts served as the company's strategic analytic advisors to guide a five-year digital transformation. The Institute’s team...

Download Case Study

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