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AI Ethics Advisory Board

Helping Organizations Develop and Deploy AI Responsibly.

An Independent, On Demand Advisory Board Helping Organizations with Responsible AI

The potential harm caused by AI-powered tools can be large-scale, unforeseen, and devastating. But building an in-house ethics team can be costly and challenging. Our board provides organizations with on demand, conflict-free ethical guidance from top experts in academia, industry and government.

What We Offer:


More than 40 multidisciplinary experts across academia, industry, and government


Top-level independent ethics guidance


On-demand attention and advice tailored to organizational needs

Meet The AI Ethics Advisory Board

Julia Stoyanovich is an institute associate professor of computer science & engineering at the Tandon School of Engineering, an associate pr

Gregor Strojin is a senior advisor to the president of Slovenia and has been primarily working with the Supreme Court of Slovenia since 2002

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