“The shop floor of the AI Solutions Hub is rife with Nobel Prize-class problems waiting to be solved!”


– David Roux, co-founder and co-managing partner of BayPine Capital



Why Experiential AI?​

We believe the best way to solve problems, both scientifically and in practice, is through a highly applied, human-centric approach with a human-in-the-loop throughout the feedback process.

Human intervention at the right time allows us to leverage data in a way that amplifies the effects of machine learning, mitigates bias, and yields more responsible AI solutions. ​

Our Mission

We solve core research problems centered on building real solutions in real contexts to make reliable and responsible AI that works effectively and cooperatively with humans.

AI Solutions Hub

Our AI Solutions Hub partners across disciplines to solve industry, research, and academic problems in an apprenticeship setting.

We leverage the research power of our faculty members to inject innovation, overcome roadblocks, and advance the state-of-the-art in AI. research, and academic problems in an apprenticeship setting.


Responsible AI Services

Our Responsible AI services help institutions assess and address the risks of biased and unfair AI from an algorithmic audit perspective and through our virtual ethics board.

Our practical approach to ethical issues deals with ethical issues through applied solutions.



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At the Institute for Experiential AI, we work at the frontiers of academic research and industry applications to develop tangible AI solutions in real-world scenarios.

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