I want to build a future where AI will be robust, explainable and fair, especially when used for high-stake decisions that affect human lives. I strongly advocate the democratization of AI and will strive to make it accessible to everyone.

– Ayan Paul, Postdoctoral Fellow, EAI

Ayan Paul is a postdoctoral research fellow specializing in theoretical particle physics and the application of interpretable machine learning in physics. 

His research spans the study of symmetries and symmetry breaking, the dynamics of Higgs productions and decays, effective quantum field theories, flavor physics, and other areas. His work, which has been funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, also focuses on the dynamics of disease transmission, correlations and causations between disease spread, and socioeconomic disparities using machine learning. 

Paul co-founded and is now chief scientific officer at CoVis, a company that builds solutions for global disease risk management and predictive algorithms for understanding the risks that individuals face from COVID-19—through various uses, including an app also called CoVis. He is involved in technology transfer with several early-stage startups. He also serves as chief scientific officer for KarmaV, a platform building intelligent automation for fairness and equity in recruitment and blockchain-based professional identities and as scientific advisor for Allihopp, an app in development that uses AI to increase mental resilience through task assignments.