The Institute for Experiential AI is an organization like no other and the sky's the limit. I am privileged and honored to work alongside colleagues and faculty who are furthering the understanding and implementation of Responsible AI across a broad spectrum of focus areas within academia and industry.

– Erin Mossop, Administration & Finance, Manager, EAI

Erin Mossop is an administration and finance manager at the Institute for Experiential AI. She has worked in the Office of the Chancellor as a contract analyst since its inception in 2019, helping to structure day-to-day operations and streamline workflows and reporting channels. She started her tenure at Northeastern University in 2017, when she worked in the Global Experience Office. Erin is a holistic, business-minded collaborator who brings extensive contractual and financial expertise to the university setting.

As a strategic mobilizer of resources and support, Erin partners with individual business units and leadership team members to execute operational and administrative processes, creating a center of financial and operational excellence.