EAI is uniquely positioned to combine artificial intelligence with domain expertise (for example, in biology or psychology) to create advancements that would not have been possible otherwise.

– Ruben Van Genugten, Research Scientist, EAI

Ruben Van Genugten is a research scientist at the Institute for Experiential AI. Prior to joining the institute in 2022, he received his Ph.D. in Psychology  at Harvard University, specializing in cognitive neuroscience. 

Van Genugten conducts research at the intersection of advanced quantitative methods, psychology, and neuroscience. As part of this work, he develops natural language processing tools for memory research, conducts neuroimaging experiments, and collaborates with colleagues in clinical psychology to study psychopathology with machine learning and natural language processing.

Van Genugten’s role at EAI involves working with experts in natural language processing, with an overarching aim to develop new methods for the study of cognition and behavior. This work includes collaborating with psychologists to integrate machine learning methods into their research. In addition to research, Ruben has also been actively involved in teaching, receiving several awards for his work. He has helped design and teach several undergraduate and graduate-level courses in introductory statistics, cognitive neuroscience, and machine learning. 

Outside of work, Ruben enjoys rock climbing, walks, and socializing with friends.