Liberation and social justice can happen when the design of Al artifacts is with people, for people.

– Shiran Dudy, Research Scientist, EAI

Shiran is a research scientist at Institute of Experiential AI (AI) with a focus on the interplay between technical and social aspects of technology design. Harnessing her skills in Natural Language Processing and speech processing, she investigates personalization, language model decoding, and speech-based interruption detection. Her interests lie in participatory design methodologies through a Design Justice framework and community-based research.

Prior to her arrival at EAI, Shiran was a postdoc at the Institute for Student-Al Teaming (iSAT) at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she focused on building a conversational partner. There, she examined how current approaches in language and speech processing can be centered around the needs of both teachers and students, as well as developing new technical affordances to promote responsible and ethical design of artifacts.

Shiran received a doctorate from Oregon Health & Science University focused on accessibility in the field of augmentative and alternative communication. She developed language models as part of speller systems, helping locked-in patients to communicate. In addition, her work has revolved around fairness of language models and personalization aspects, organizing the NLP perspectives workshops.