Our Values

We believe responsible AI solutions that work with and learn from human intelligence are a better path to building working solutions that avoid the pitfalls of autonomous AI.

Our AI research is driven from a learn-by-doing approach that inspires new ideas, invites collaboration, and identifies novel solutions addressing the challenges of making the technology work reliably and responsibly. Resilience, robustness, and responsible AI are core to our human-centric approach to building effective solutions to real-world problems.

Equity, transparency, and accountability are central building blocks of explainable, responsible  AI solutions and guide the core internal principles of our team.

We commit to building a workplace culture that matches the integrity of our AI solutions and remains aligned with our research and educational mission, societal goals, expectations, and standards.

Shaping the future of technology with AI ethics

For AI technology to thrive, it must consider the data at its disposal fairly and equitably. However, within the technology industry itself, many communities are vastly underrepresented, especially in leadership positions.

At EAI, we are committed to studying, developing, and implementing responsible and ethical AI to advance humankind, solve societal problems, and reduce widespread inequity. Biases that run rampant in our society trickle in during the AI training process and influence system behavior. These include racial, cultural, gender-based, political, socio-economic, and countless other biases that often go unnoticed. Teams that lack diversity yield imbalanced results that limit the scope of what technology can achieve and stifle human evolution.

That is why at the Institute for Experiential AI, we support and promote an environment of transparency and accountability that’s committed to racial justice, equity, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Not only because it is critical for the work that we do, but because it is at the core of who we are. We celebrate the traits that make humans unique and welcome a perspective that fosters growth, encourages debate, and creates opportunity.

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At the Institute for Experiential AI, we work at the frontiers of academic research and industry applications to develop tangible AI solutions in real-world scenarios.

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