AI + Life Sciences: A Collaboration to Meet the Moment

Driven by advances in AI and our ability to generate high-resolution data, the life sciences industry is on the cusp of a second golden age. In this webinar, Sam Scarpino, director of AI + Life Sciences and Adam Bly, CEO of System, will discuss exciting advances at the intersection of AI and Life Sciences, including:

  • Reducing time-to-market and increasing confidence for therapeutics, biologicals, and diagnostics.

  • The wet-lab-in-the-loop approach to AI, building platforms for drug discovery, global health security, and a multiomic understanding of the systems biology of disease.

  • Talent acquisition, upskilling employees, sponsored research, product evaluation, strategy, and more.


Sam Scarpino, Director of AI + Life Sciences at Institute for Experiential AI 
Adam Bly, CEO of System 


Flip through the slides from the presentation here: