Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Life Sciences

Dima Fayyad

We live in the Golden Age of Life Sciences, driven in part by transformative advances across multiple fronts in our understanding of biological systems and their applications. 

However, we are still only at the beginning of this new chapter.  A systematic strategy that includes humans and AI/ML-based approaches can accelerate the “exponentialization” of this value curve on different dimensions including, opening the road to deeper insights and reducing cycle times and the path to value.

The EAI is building a platform that can impact approaches across R&D in life sciences, drug discovery, automation, -omics-driven hypotheses, systems-based biology, and the translation to patients, to name a few.

We are building a multidisciplinary team of experts and end-users aligned to bring impactful solutions to the market to establish a new standard across the academic and industry sectors.  This human dimension becomes especially important when sequencing problem statements that can draw the most meaningful impact.