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A dedicated, professional workforce:

Our team of experienced data scientists, data engineers, and AI experts work with our partners to deliver valuable solutions through applied intelligence that addresses advanced AI problems in real contexts with actual deliverable solutions.


A specialized team to tackle unique research issues:

We have a unique ability to overlay solution execution with profound know-how thanks to our deep pool of faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and doctoral students across disciplines at  Northeastern University.


A first-of-its-kind apprenticeship program:

Data Science is both a science and an art. Beyond academic knowledge of algorithms and Machine Learning, it involves understanding the severe limits of algorithms, the huge dependence on data representation, and the significant impact of data quality. Such intricate understanding can only come from practical, on-the-job experience with expert supervision.

At EAI, the AI Solutions Hub offers an AI Residency Program that provides future AI and Data Science professionals with the tools and skills they need to be effective at their jobs on day one. All students and professionals looking to strengthen their Data Science skills are welcome to apply.

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At the Institute for Experiential AI, we work at the frontiers of academic research and industry applications to develop tangible AI solutions in real-world scenarios.

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