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Announcing: Responsible AI Executive Education Courses

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March 20, 2024
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Announcing: Responsible AI Executive Education Courses

The pace of AI adoption only stresses the need for leaders to move carefully, as many companies have suffered from hasty practices that failed to account for AI’s numerous technical and ethical pitfalls. 

The time for Responsible AI is now. 

A new Responsible AI Executive Education program from the Institute for Experiential AI will empower leaders to navigate the complexities of Responsible AI (RAI) and create and execute comprehensive RAI strategies.   

Led by a team of industry-leading experts from the Institute’s Responsible AI Practice, the transformative Responsible AI for Leaders program equips leaders to master the complexities of responsible AI integration and governance through practical tools, step-by-step guidance, peer networking, and more.

As Cansu Canca, director of the Institute’s Responsible AI Practice, explains, now is the time for organizations to ensure a comprehensive Responsible AI implementation.

“AI is becoming an integral part of every business. But it also brings various risks with it. If you are an executive or a key decision-maker, you have to understand the risks as well as how to mitigate them, and create a strategy to use AI to add value. Responsible AI does exactly that.”   
- Cansu Canca, director of Responsible AI Practice

With initial courses in Portland, ME; Charlotte, NC; and Boston, MA; these immersive learning opportunities will help C-level executives, directors, data officers, vice presidents, and other leaders navigate ethical challenges, align AI projects with organizational goals, and ensure customer trust from development to deployment.

Leaders can expect a suite of learning, networking, and consulting opportunities, including:

  • For executives and team leaders: a comprehensive RAI blueprint for company-wide digital transformations, regulatory compliance, and strategic realignments
  • For product, design, and R&D innovators: tools for operationalizing RAI and integrating it into existing business models
  • For ethics and data officers: strategies for building teams that can drive innovation with ethics embedded into their AI infrastructures
  • For all: opportunities to network with other leaders and ask questions in a spirit of open dialogue, curiosity, and best intentions

“Our RAI executive education course is not just canned recordings,” explains Matthew Sample, an AI ethicist and fellow member of the RAI Practice. “You’ll work with our experts directly, in-person to solve the unique challenges of your business. We'll work with you to tailor things like principles, regulatory responses, and metrics to your specific context. Our executive education course doesn't just take AI ethics as it currently stands, because we're researchers based in a university. We'll bring the latest from responsible AI to you, work through the problems that you're facing, and think about what the technology should look like in the future.”

Each RAI Executive Education Course is designed to keep participants actively engaged, regardless of their organization’s current interest in AI. Attendees will learn how to implement AI practices and build a governance framework within their company. Sessions will include expert presentations, group work, case studies, and Q&A sessions. There will also be opportunities for participants to ask difficult questions in a receptive environment designed to help leaders adopt concrete and actionable RAI frameworks. And, of course, there’s the chance to network with other executives who are facing many of the same difficult questions.

“What makes this course stand out is that we go beyond the boilerplate,” says Tomo Lazovich, a senior research scientist and another member of the Institute’s RAI practice and another member of the Institute’s RAI practice. “It's customized for the attendees and for the kinds of challenges that businesses have when they're trying to implement RAI strategies. We have a lot of expertise that we can bring to bear; we have interactive group exercises; and you'll have opportunities to ask the difficult questions that your organization is facing and get real answers.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from leading experts. Enroll here.