Faculty Friday with Sarah Ostadabbas: Enabling Advanced AI Algorithms to Solve Visual Perception Problems in the Small Data Domain

Sarah Ostadabbas

Friday March 4, 2022

Northeastern University Assistant Professor Sarah Ostadabbas explains how her multidisciplinary research in machine learning and pattern recognition can solve visual perception problems in the small data domain.

Faculty Friday with Chris Amato: Training Intelligent Machines Through Real-World Interactions

Christopher Amato

Friday February 25, 2022

In this week's Faculty Friday video, Northeastern University Assistant Professor and EAI faculty member Chris Amato describes how reinforcement learning enables intelligent interactions between humans and machines.

Faculty Friday with John Basl: Applying Insights from Ethics and Philosophy to Reduce Bias in AI

John Basl

Friday February 18, 2022

Associate Professor John Basl describes how he applies principles from philosophy to advance technical artificial intelligence research with ethics at the core.

Faculty Friday – Silvio Amir: Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Quantify Social Media Data

Silvio Amir

Friday February 11, 2022

Faculty Friday – Olga Vitek: Using AI to Understand and Fight Disease

Olga Vitek

Friday February 4, 2022

Northeastern University Professor Olga Vitek explains how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help us better understand disease progression and help discover new intervention methods.

Faculty Friday: Northeastern University Provost David Madigan Shares a Promising Outlook for the Future of AI

David Madigan

Friday January 28, 2022

Northeastern University Provost, David Madigan, discusses how initiatives like the Institute for Experiential AI build a promising future by strengthening ties to partnerships offering real-world applications for AI.