Institute for Experiential AI Ethics Advisory Board

Expert-Based, Independent, On-Demand

Our independent and top-level advisory board for AI ethics helps organizations develop and deploy AI responsibly, meeting the growing demand for independent ethical guidance with top-level experts in academia, industry, and government.

The potential harm caused by AI-powered tools can be large-scale, unforeseen, and devastating. But an in-house AI ethics advisory board can be costly and challenging for companies. Conflicts of interest can arise when making ethical decisions, and they may lack people with the right skills for such a board. Our AI Ethics Advisory Board alleviates these problems from the start.

What we offer:

– More than 40 multidisciplinary experts across academia, industry, and government

– Top-level independent ethics guidance

– On-demand attention and advice tailored to organizational needs

Email us to learn more about how the AIEB works and why it’s the right choice for your organization.

The current members of the AIEB expert group are:

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